Jul 28 2020

A community update regarding COVID-19

Dear White Horse Village Community,

Today we began COVID-19 testing for Residential residents; results from today’s testing process will help provide valuable information as we decide how/when we can re-open campus-wide programs/events. Last week we received 38 of 39 test results back for Residential residents who had been identified as Person Under Investigation (PUI) due to potential exposure to the coronavirus. Thankfully, all 38 were negative, and the one remaining test had to be repeated due to a specimen error.  There were four additional Residential residents identified late last week as PUI’s, and these test results were negative.

In Healthcare, we have no residents in Canterbury, two in Four Seasons, and five in Bridlewood under watch for COVID-19. All seven residents remain asymptomatic. Per State regulation, we are not permitted to begin resuming activities in Healthcare until 14 days have passed from the last positive COVID-19 test result for any team member or resident in this area. The Healthcare team is finalizing the steps to begin a phased reopening plan that will be approved by the State in the coming days. 

Regarding team members, five team members received positive test results today from last week’s testing. In addition to these team members, there are eight other team members out of work for COVID-19. These team members work in Bridlewood, Four Seasons, Healthcare Administration, Security, and Outpatient. All but three team members are asymptomatic and we expect some to return to work this week. 

Please email any questions to COVID19Questions@whitehorsevillage.org

With warm regards,

Len Weiser, President & CEO