Dec 31 2020

A community update regarding COVID-19

Dear White Horse Village Community,

Happy New Year! We currently have no residents being monitored for COVID19 and we have 5 team members out of work due to receiving positive COVID19 results. Below is the letter that was distributed to residents today.

Dear Residents,

2020, what a year it has been!  After tomorrow, we’ll literally be able to say “hindsight is 2020”.    I’m so glad to be putting this year behind us. 

While 2020 has been a year unlike any other, it has also been one where I’ve continued to be filled with gratitude for our White Horse Village community.   One of our seven values is Generosity and throughout this year, I’ve witnessed this value in action. 

The year started off with residents donating over $10,000 towards purchasing, planting and watering new trees to help replace those destroyed by the Halloween Tornado of 2019.  If a tornado wasn’t bad enough, we faced our biggest opportunity yet, a world-wide pandemic.  

As soon as the pandemic hit and we were struggling with obtaining masks for our team members, several residents immediately began sewing masks to be given to team members and later fellow residents. Then, one day, before we had volunteers for mail delivery/pick up, I was walking door-to-door to deliver an updated menu when I was stopped by residents in various courts offering to help me.  As the shut-down moved beyond the anticipated few-week period, your Resident Council jumped into action and organized volunteers to help deliver meals and mail and establish neighborhood libraries.  As time moved on, notes of encouragement began to arrive from both residents and family members.  These types of resident generosity continued all year long and I never stopped hearing from residents saying to me “If you need anything, please let me know”.   

As is typical at White Horse Village, it wasn’t just residents that displayed acts of generosity, our dedicated team members did as well.  Did you know we had team members bring in flowers from their home gardens to give to residents who were feeling the effects of being isolated and others brought in their own supplies to help with haircuts/styling for healthcare residents (and are still doing so)?   There are many other examples of this generosity but these are just a few.

It’s because of these acts of generosity and many others, that I knew early on, once we adopted the slogan “Together, We Can” for the Association’s diary project, that we had to add to it by saying “And we Will!”. 

Our community is special and we have proven this year that we can do almost anything, if we do it together!   Together we are stronger and together we can!

There is good news and a light at the end of the tunnel as a COVID19 vaccine is on its way.  We still have work to do to beat this pandemic, but we’re getting there. 

Not only will I be celebrating my third anniversary at White Horse Village on January 2nd, but I also will be celebrating each of you! 

I’m grateful for you and what you bring to our community.   A new year is around the corner and we can now put 2020 behind us and embrace the many exciting opportunities ahead of us.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and better new year!

In gratitude,

Len Weiser, President & CEO