Jan 17 2021

A community update regarding COVID-19

Dear White Horse Village Community,

We ended the 2nd full week of 2021 with 2 team members in Housekeeping out of work due to testing positive for COVID-19 and 1 resident in Canterbury.    We have 4 team members and the spouse of the Canterbury resident currently quarantining, awaiting test results as they are considered Person’s Under Investigation (PUI).  Two of the four team member PUI’s will return to work on Monday (Jan 18th).

We continue to try all avenues presented to us to be able to arrange for vaccine clinics for Residential residents.   We are hoping in the next week or so, that we will have some positive news on this front.   For now though, our first COVID-19 vaccine clinic will take place on January 25/26 for residents living in our Healthcare areas and team members. 

In-door seated dining for lunch time service in the Grille (2 people per table) begins this coming Monday, January 18th as well as a very limited, reservation only, evening meal process, 1 seating for 1 hour, in Steeplechase.

While the vaccine is just around the corner for our community, the virus is still very active and new variants are circulating in our region.  This means we must continue to practice social distancing, wear masks when around others we don’t live with and wash our hands frequently.    We can’t let “our guard down” even as we prepare for the vaccine to be administered.   We are encouraging all residents and team members to take the vaccine when it is available to them. 

More updates to follow as vaccine information becomes available.

With warm regards,

Len Weiser, President & CEO