Jun 8 2020

A Message from Leadership on Racial Injustice

Dear White Horse Village Community,

Our country is experiencing a painful period right now. The events happening around us are heartbreaking. Not only have we been wrestling with the impacts of COVID-19 and the fear, loss, and added stress this virus has brought to our communities; but we are also reminded of the fear, loss, and pain caused by racism that has impacted those we know, some of whom are our residents and team members.

The death of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery reflect deeply ingrained, long-standing systemic racism. As a country, we have experienced far too many moments that serve as a painful reminder of how much work there is to be done.

Last summer, our Board of Directors adopted revised values statements. These values include Inclusiveness, Respect, and Relationships. We know that there are people at White Horse Village who are hurting from the wounds of racism. As a community, we value all people’s worth and are committed to developing meaningful connections with one another. We cannot let racism or injustice get in the way of our ability to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, because when one of us hurts we all hurt.

As a community of team members and residents, we need to work towards a better, more just world for everyone. As the Senior Leadership team, we feel compelled to condemn injustice and discrimination and affirm our commitment to live by our values and cultivate a living and work environment that makes equality, diversity, and inclusiveness one of our top priorities. We want our community to be a place where voices are heard, and trust and respect for one another abounds.

White Horse Village is a community of people where ALL should feel safe because we believe unequivocally in every person’s right to equality, human rights, dignity, and freedom. This village has endured a lot together during the last nine months, from a tornado to COVID-19 and, most recently, very public reminders of the injustice and racism that still exist in our country.

Soon, we will share a plan about the next steps we will be taking to focus on our commitment to ensure we live out our values of inclusiveness, respect, and relationships.

We’re in this together. Because, together, we can!

Len Weiser, President & CEO    

Susan Abtouche, Vice President Mission Enhancement

Tina Boukalis, Vice President Resident Services

Bob Higgins, Vice President Property & Facilities   

Dave Kelble, Senior Director Technology    

Megan Shugars, Senior Director Human Resources      

Mark Wasserman, Vice President Finance