Residents Association

All residents of White Horse Village are members of the Residents Association. The association’s thirty-plus committees and groups reflect the diverse interests of residents. Residents with an artistic bent can join the Fine Arts or Performing Arts Committees. Those with a passion for nature can participate in the Landscape Advisory Committee, Harvesters, and the Bluebird Trail program. Sports and recreation enthusiasts enjoy bocce, shuffleboard, golf, ping pong, or croquet. Residents who are committed to lifelong learning participate in cultural encounters, discussion groups, or attend forums on public issues.


The Residents Association members elect twelve members to the Resident Council for three-year terms. The council elects a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer positions each year. The responsibilities of the Resident Council are to manage the affairs of the Residents Association and to articulate resident concerns and interests to the Management Team. The council manages and oversees the council committees and budgets for all resident activities and conducts business in the best interests of all residents.

The Resident Council also partners with the Mission Enhancement Department to sponsor major community-wide events, including Octofair, the Women’s Spring Luncheon, Garden Day, and the Volunteer Fair.  

Volunteerism is a core value at White Horse Village and offers residents a chance to share their talents and experiences for the benefit of others. Volunteerism is evident throughout White Horse Village and extends to the greater community at large.