Staying fit and active

The Wellness Center for senior fitness at White Horse Village features a state-of-the-art cardio and strength training room, including pneumatic strength training equipment to address all major muscle groups, free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and balance and flexibility training tools.


The group exercise room offers daily classes during the week provided by trained fitness specialists who customize programs for each resident.

Group fitness classes include:

  • Total Strength – Use lightweight dumbbells, bands, and small balls to increase muscle strength and stamina and to prevent bone loss. 
  • Chair Yoga – Breathe deeply while moving in gentle poses, promoting a healthy immune system, a positive outlook, and a strong body. 
  • Dance Fitness – A mashup of jazz dance with a little “jazzercise” flair, pilates, barre, and yoga with arthritis-friendly isometric movements, flexibility, balance, and core strength.    
  • Cycling – Improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen the lower body while burning calories with no impact on the joints. 
  • Better Balance – Standing and seated balance exercises with an emphasis on leg, core, and postural muscle strengthening.            
  • Fitness Fusion – A fusion of cardio, strength, and core training that ends with a relaxing stretch.
  • Tai Chi – Centuries-old, related mind, and body practice that is the perfect complement to other physical activities. All classes include simple, low impact movement that increases flexibility, balance, range of motion, strength, relaxation, and mental focus.                                   
  • Cycle & Circuit – A challenging cardio and strength training class using stationary bikes and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principles followed by circuit-style resistance training. 
  • Yoga & Pilates – Improve your flexibility and strength, adaptive to all levels from traditional floor to seated chair.