COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Our proactive response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 FAQ – All Audiences

Community Access & Entry

What are the current visitor restrictions at White Horse Village?

Visitors are permitted on campus.

Please visit the Community Restrictions page for the latest updates on restrictions and safety protocols.

How long will visitor restrictions last?

Restrictions are in place until further notice. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and will make changes to restrictions as needed based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Pennsylvania state and local health departments.

What are the exceptions to the Healthcare Center visitor policy?

Limited exceptions will be granted in end-of-life situations. All visitors entering the Healthcare Center under these circumstances will receive a health screening upon arrival. Only one visitor will be permitted at a time.

How do I enter the Healthcare Center if I have an exception to visit my family member?

Please come to the Canterbury Skilled Nursing Desk for Canterbury and Bridlewood.  For Four Seasons, please come to the main entrance.  

Are outside caregivers permitted to visit independent living residents?

Yes, outside caregivers are permitted to visit with residential residents once they have completed a health screening. Outside caregivers are not permitted in the Healthcare Center.


What is the process when White Horse Village receives notification of a positive COVID-19 case among residents or team members? 

Based on guidance provided by our medical director, as well as from the Centers for Disease Control and the PA Department of Health, our leadership team interviews the person who tested positive to determine with whom she/he has been in close contact and notifies those individuals.

Will White Horse Village notify residents, team members, and family members when a someone in the community tests positive for COVID-19?

Yes, White Horse Village will alert the community in a timely manner if a team member or resident tests positive for COVID-19. Our communication plan includes notifying residents, team members, and family members of Healthcare residents along with updating our website.

What is the process for residents returning from travel?

Residents traveling by airplane will be quarantined for 14 days or be tested for COVID19 and be quarantined until they receive a negative test result.

How do I stay in touch with my loved ones?

We recommend phone calls and virtual visits through the use of services such as FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Please contact Life Enrichment at 610-558-5041 for assistance with video conferencing calls for family members and residents.

Are masks required on campus?

All residents, visitors, team members, outside caregivers, and contractors and vendors are required to wear masks. Residents do not need to wear masks when in their living unit.

What are the health screening protocols?

All residents, team members, outside caregivers, contractors and vendors, and family members of residents in end-of-life situations receive daily screenings when entering the Clubhouse. 

How are residents in Healthcare being monitored for symptoms?

Residents have their vital signs taken daily, including monitoring of respirations and temperatures. 

If a resident tests positive, is White Horse Village prepared to care for the resident, or will s/he be transferred to a hospital?

White Horse Village is prepared to care for residents who test positive for COVID-19. Our medical director will determine when/if the resident should be transferred to a hospital.

Are Healthcare residents wearing masks when outside living areas?

Residents are reminded to wear masks when outside of their living areas. Residents are in their living areas for most of the day, and the team members assist to ensure social distancing occurs between residents.

Are independent living residents wearing masks when outdoors?

We have encouraged all residents to practice physical distancing (at least 6 ft. apart) and wear masks when outdoors.


What if I or my loved one needs hospice care?

Hospice staff will be granted access to the community once they have completed a health screening.

Will the outpatient services continue as scheduled?

The outpatient department is open for appointments with the physician(s). Please call the department if you need other routine nursing services, e.g., blood pressure check, and a nurse will arrange to visit you at home.

Will therapy services continue as scheduled?

Independent living residents can receive therapy services in their homes. Residents living in the Healthcare Center will receive therapy in their private rooms.

What do I do if I or my loved one is experiencing symptoms?

If you experience a fever with cold symptoms, you should call the Outpatient department at 610-558-5050. If you have a temperature, please do not come to the Clubhouse or Healthcare Center.


How are team members screened?

All team members are required to complete a daily health screening. Team members with a fever or cold-like symptoms will be sent home until they are fever- and symptom-free for 72 hours without the use of medication.

Do all team members have temperatures taken when arriving to work?

Yes, all team members are screened when they arrive at work and this includes taking temperatures. 

Are all team members being tested for COVID-19?

Healthcare team members complete a weekly testing process. It is not recommended by our medical director that all team members be tested. Non-healthcare team members have been invited to be tested as part of our weekly team member testing process.

Are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies adequate for team members?

Yes, White Horse Village has adequate PPE supplies.

Are all team members wearing masks and gloves?

Team members are wearing masks at all times. Gloves are used when providing care and for meal preparation and delivery.

Is White Horse Village hiring for job openings?

Yes! Please visit our website for the latest job openings:


How will residents receive community updates on the COVID-19 situation at White Horse Village?

Residents will receive regular updates through WHV-TV (closed-circuit TV), email, written and telephone communications.

How can family members and community receive updates on the COVID-19 situation at White Horse Village?


Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?


How will independent residents receive meals?

Meals are either delivered to residential homes or available for curb-side pick-up.

How will Healthcare Center residents receive meals?

Meals are provided by tray service to healthcare residents.


How do Healthcare Center residents receive mail?

The mailroom is delivering all mail/packages for residents to the Healthcare Center and team members will distribute to the resident’s room.

How do independent living residents receive mail?

Mail will be delivered to homes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. WHV will fog/disinfect all packages at least 2x per day including weekends.