White Horse Village Diversity and Inclusion Plan

White Horse Village, a nonprofit organization with a mission to intentionally create opportunities for extraordinary living in a vibrant, diverse community through personal growth, connectedness, and relationships is home to more than 550 older adults in various housing settings and employs more than 375 team members. White Horse Village recognizes that to be successful in carrying out its mission, it must have a commitment to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion so that all are respected and celebrated.


In 2019, a group of residents and team members gathered and formed the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy (IDEA) Committee. The purpose of the IDEA Committee is to promote:

A warm and friendly environment in a place that encourages people to be genuine. An inclusive community that supports diversity provides the opportunity for all people to be comfortable sharing who they are and experience belonging. In order to encourage people to share their genuine selves, White Horse Village will embark on a purposeful endeavor to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity. Diversity of thoughts, experiences, and opinions will add variety and interest to our environment, bringing together an assortment of life experiences and expanding our worldviews. Becoming a more inclusive community provides an opportunity for all people to feel welcome and valued. This type of culture creates a space for people to share their gifts, find purpose and meaning, experience a sense of belonging, and flourish.

White Horse Village prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, or disability. The organization is committed to understand, appreciate, and respect differences, beliefs, and values. We embrace the gifts and abilities of all who support our mission: volunteers, future residents, team members, partner organizations, family, and friends.

White Horse Village’s core values are:

Compassion: Demonstrate care and empathy in all our interactions.

Inclusiveness: Create a diverse environment that is welcoming and accepting.

Growth: Explore opportunities for learning and change.

Generosity: Give of oneself to benefit others.

Respect: Value the worth of each person.

Relationships: Develop meaningful connections with one another.

Stewardship: Commit to use our resources wisely.

In each of our interactions with those we serve, work, and partner, we strive to live out these core values.

Current statistics for team members:

Current statistics for residential residents:

In 2019, White Horse Village’s IDEA Committee began work to gain an understanding of the current environment. To increase awareness, the committee collaborated with resident-led groups to create opportunities to educate on religion, race, and gender. In 2020, the committee will sponsor “Community Reads,”creating an opportunity for both residents and team members to read and discuss the same book. Each book addresses a diversity topic and will b chosen to provoke discussion and raise awareness. WHV is proud to have added the LGBT rainbow flag to the White Horse Village website. In addition, the Board of Directors committed to evaluating the current diversity of the board and consider how it recruits new board directors.


  • Provide opportunities for discussion to gauge awareness (Team Member & Resident)
    • LGBT, Race, Religion
  • Collect data on resident religious preferences


  • LGBT – SAGE training for Management
  • Race – Juneteenth Speaker, Education Materials
  • Religion – partner with Interfaith Community, Seder meal, Special performance
  • Education at Quarterly Team Member Meetings


  • Establish monthly Director/Human Resource Recruitment Needs Meetings
  • Evaluate existing recruitment resources
  • Develop 2-3 new sources for recruiting


  • Participate in 2020 Phila. LGBT Pride Parade
  • Advertise in LGBT Media
  • Advertise in Jewish Exponent
  • Use photos of existing residents (not stock
  • 2020 is a year of discovery and information learned will help develop the 2021Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.
  • The IDEA Committee is sponsored by the President & CEO.
    • There are two co-leaders of the IDEA Committee-Vice President; Mission Enhancement- a direct report of the President & CEO. This position supports the Sales/Advertising, Volunteer Programming, Communication and the new strategic pillar evaluating services to the “Aging Community”, services to those not living at White Horse Village.
    • Director; Resident Services whose direct reports either directly or in-directly support residents in all areas of the organization.
  • In 2020, the IDEA committee will include a member of the Human Resource Team, whose Senior Director is also a direct report to the President & CEO.