Apr 10 2019

Mainline Media News – Senior Life: “White Horse Village Celebrates Earth Day and Commemorates Its 30th Anniversary With a Tree Planting Ceremony”

White Horse Village Campus

Due to Earth Day falling on the Monday after Easter this year, Earth Day for White Horse Village was moved up to Saturday, April 13.  That was when the retirement community, nestled in a corner of Ridley Creek State Park in Edgmont added to their beautiful arbored campus by planting three Cherokee brave dogwood trees. 

The three trees represent the three decades that White Horse Village has served thousands of older adults and their families with residential and health care services in a way that enhances wellness and enriches life.  White Horse Village serves the greater community through volunteerism; both on and off-campus, hosting an active veterans group, providing wellness education and programs and acting as a township voting precinct. 

The public was invited to attend the 30th Anniversary Tree Planting Ceremony and Earth Day Celebration.  “Our community is associated with nature and beauty and is made up of special people (past and present) who care deeply for one another and who care about environmental wellness” exclaimed Todd Canfield, Wellness Manager, as he describes White Horse Village.  Environmental wellness is one of seven well-being domains emphasized at White Horse Village.

The event was tied to the community over the last 30 years.  It was also for those environmentally conscious who want to celebrate Earth Day and those curious to learn more about White Horse Village.  It started at 11 a.m. and includes a ceremony honoring the past, valuing the present and embracing the future, along with activities, refreshments, crafts, and give-a-ways.