Apr 3 2020

Mainline Media News – “White Horse Quilters make masks for staff”

About ten days ago, six residents of White Horse Village, all members of the WHV Quilters began a project to sew face masks. The masks are being used by staff in the Personal Care Dementia units and in Skilled Nursing and Outpatient. They are currently working a request for masks from the personnel who work in the mail room. 

So far, the quilters have produced 180 masks. Although a large majority have been used at White Horse Village, a small number have been donated to fill needs elsewhere. Some residents have friends or family members working in areas where masks would be helpful and have not been available. 

“The masks we make are of tightly woven cotton cloth and while they are not acceptable for use in hospitals, they do cover the nose and mouth thus providing some barrier and also some degree of containment,” said Frances Nannos of the White Horse Village Quilters. “They are washable and can be reused.  We do not need donations of fabric.” Wearing the masks will also lessen the temptation for people to touch their faces.