Campus enhancements

Over the past several years, White Horse Village has gathered input from focus groups, industry experts, and market data trends in senior care to assess priorities for campus improvements. As a result, we have carefully crafted a multi-year Master Plan to enhance our campus featuring a wide range of enhancements and new construction to continue our commitment to providing exceptional senior living experiences.

The Master Plan builds upon our solid reputation as a premier provider of senior living housing and healthcare services in the region. We are investing in our future, for the residents today and those of tomorrow.


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Join a risk-free club for priority access to new independent living residences in one of Philadelphia’s premier senior living communities.

Act now to reserve your new home

Starting Gate Club members will receive the first choice of new spacious residences. Available for a limited time, memberships are first-come, first-served for a $1,000 fully refundable fee. With a limited number of new homes available, you need to act fast to secure priority access!  

Starting Gate Club benefits:

  • Early-bird pricing
  • Exclusive choice of upgraded design finishes
  • Members-only events and activities

We will begin the presale of our new independent living Coach Home residences in Spring 2023. Starting Gate Club members will be the first invited to place a 10% deposit to reserve their new homes.

Be the first to the starting gate

Contact us for more information about the Starting Gate Club.

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