Environmental stewardship

Many older adults are looking for senior living options through an environmentally-conscious lens. At White Horse Village, responsible environmental stewardship continues to be fundamental to our values. We recognize that designing and building for sustainability takes serious long-term planning, and a committee of residents and team members is actively engaged in how to incorporate best practices on our campus.


White Horse Village is working with an architecture and engineering firm to ensure our future campus growth is focused on the efficient use of energy, space, and water. Our renovations are being designed with environmentally friendly building materials that have high durability, very low or no VOCs, and are locally sourced whenever possible. We aim to reduce waste at every opportunity, which includes an innovative pilot project to recycle 45,000 pounds of PVC vinyl siding. We’re also implementing low-flow water fixtures, recycled construction materials, high-efficiency light fixtures, and exploring the possibilities of installing solar energy arrays.

Using resources wisely

White Horse Village has existing partnerships with regional organizations and advisors who are helping us better understand how our community can sustain itself over the long term. With our campus located within the Ridley Creek watershed, we have implemented an organic turf management program to support the quality of fresh water in this neighboring habitat.

We look forward to expanding educational programs on sustainability topics and empowering residents to continue making an impact.