Jan 12 2021

White Horse Village Launches Innovative Meal Delivery Service

White Horse Village announces a new meal delivery service using a custom-designed food truck that features temperature-controlled areas. The truck ensures a hot meal delivery to residents across the 96-acre campus.

“With winter weather approaching, we wanted to create a delivery system to maintain meal quality and temperature,” comments Chris Stewart, Director of Dining Services. “Our new delivery truck offers warming carts to hold entrees, sides and soups and cold carts for ice cream and desserts. Our hard-working Dining Team assembles meals in the truck and hand-delivers them to residents for maximum convenience.”

The White Horse Village Dining Team delivers 280 meals a day, seven days a week, in reheatable, disposable containers. A labeling system was designed for food areas in the delivery truck and for containers to confirm meals are accurately delivered. The Dining Team meets for a post-service review each night after meal deliveries to discuss successes and identify areas for improvement. 

“Sourcing the truck was more challenging than I expected. I visited salesrooms, rental companies, and online retailers but struggled to find a truck that met our interior functionality needs,” remarks Chris Stewart. “Ultimately, we purchased a used 14-foot truck and worked with the White Horse Village Facilities and Property Management Team to outfit the truck for our needs, including lighting, cargo areas, and securing straps.” 

The new meal delivery service is one example of White Horse Village’s innovative and problem-solving approach to managing the restrictions of the pandemic. 

 Chris Stewart gives team members instructions for the day’s meal delivery service.