Oct 29 2020

White Horse Village Recycles 419 Pounds of Plastic into Campus Benches

The environmentally conscious residents of White Horse Village, an active senior living community, collected 419.3 pounds of plastic bags used for meal delivery during the quarantine. The bags were transported to Eco Plastic Products of Delaware, a nonprofit organization that converts discarded plastic into useful and sustainable products. 

“Our community is committed to sustainability and recycling,” comments Robert Higgins, Vice President of Property and Facilities. “We are pleased to find a new local partner to recycle the plastic bags into three 6-foot park benches for our campus.”

White Horse Village has discontinued plastic bags for meal delivery and now uses recyclable brown paper bistro bags. Residents diligently recycle the bistro bags in the community’s weekly recycling pick up. 

Team members Ryan Fortune and Frank Higgins transported the plastic bags to Eco Plastic Products of Delaware.
A new campus bench made from recycled plastic bags.